Tamco history

Incorporated in 1966, Tamco found early success supplying switchgear and other electrical equipment to tin mining dredges. As the tin mining industry waned in Malaysia, the company redirected its business towards the power utility, oil and gas, manufacturing & construction sectors.

Where products are concerned, Tamco started out as a manufacturer of low voltage switchboards. The company then ventured into medium voltage switchgear production in the early 1970's, and was the first company to do so in Malaysia. Today, medium voltage equipment output represents over 85% of the company's production. Since the late-1980's, major steps were taken to produce locally various parts that were previously imported. At the same time, local R&D was emphasized, as it was foreseen that the company could not continue to depend on licensing foreign technology. Today, Tamco is the most vertically integrated switchgear manufacturer in South East Asia, and stands out prominently amongst industry players in the region.


Tamco Switchgear (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, is an established manufacturer of medium (air and gas-insulated switchgear of up to 40.5kV and Ring Main Unit) and low voltage switchgear.

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