NQUBE-N substations

NQUBE-N substations
LV switchgear : Upto 1600A, 400V
Transformer : Upto 1600kVA
MV switchgear : TAMCO 11kV, 630A, RMU
Internal Arc Fault : IAC-B 20kA for 0.1sec
Ingress protection : IP35
Noise Level : less than 60dB at full load

Product Documents

NQUBE-N is part of the wide range of product offerings from TAMCO. It is a compact MV/LV substation for outdoor application, designed in line with IEC 62271-202. It functions as a substation in secondary distribution networks. Incorporating TAMCO's standard electrical components, NQube provides maintenance-free operation throughout its life span.


LV Switchgear
  • Rated Upto 1600A, 400V
  • Completely customizable
  • With standard components i.e. AirCircuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers etc.
  • Flexibility in arrangements & configurations
  • Maximum 10 nos. of outgoing MCCB feeders with one incomer ACB feeder
  • Upto 1000kVA
  • Hermetically sealed corrugated type oil transformer
  • Minimal losses
  • Off Load Tap Changing
  • On load Tap Changing OLTC with RTCC and AVR
  • Max. Winding Temp 60°C
MV Switchgear
  • TAMCO 11kV, 630A, RMU
  • Robotic welding of gas duct ensuring leakage free operation
  • Internal arc fault tested for 20kA, 1S complying with AFLR
  • Ample space for CT mountings
  • Minimal maintenance & sealed for life contact system
  • No exposure to live parts
  • Internal arc Class IAC-B 20kA for 0.1sec
  • Temperature rise classification - CLASS 5
  • Ingress protection IP35
  • Noise level less than 60dB at full load condition
  • Retractable roof
  • Padlockable doors to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Modular & compartmentalized
  • Reinforced with specially designed ventilation system
  • Completely safe for operators
  • Ready for installation & network connection
  • SCADA compatible & ready to use in smart grid


Tamco Switchgear (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, is an established manufacturer of medium (air and gas-insulated switchgear of up to 40.5kV and Ring Main Unit) and low voltage switchgear.

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